Access Code required on Classic Proctored quiz

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Good Day All, 

We've run into an issue with our recent exam where students were prompted with an "access code required" pop up during their exam. We have never set access codes on Canvas or Proctorio and when checking this in the settings on the day, nothing was set. 

The assessment was a classic quiz that had Proctoring set. 

Students seemed to have experienced this issue for about an hour where after it resolved itself however I would like to find the root cause of this issue so that we do not run into the same again. This issue has been logged with both Instructure and Proctorio but I would like to know if anyone else has run into the same and what did you discover the issue was? 
We have checked settings, the Proctorio gradebook report and logs and do not see anything out of the ordinary there. 

Happy to provide more information if required. 
Thanks so much!