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Good Morning,

    I have logged into Canvas multiple times, and each time, large black and white symbols of the original task bar complete the whole page. This has been happening for the past two days now. I need to get into Canvas to complete the rest of my work for the remainder of the semester. 

    Is there some kind of maintenance going on? If not, how do I fix it?

Thank You

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From my experience, unusual problems are usually caused by the browser. First, visit this Canvas Guide page to check and see if your browser is outdated: Is My Browser Up to Date?

If it is, try using a different browser to access Canvas and see if it will load correctly there.

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We saw a similar issue in the past that was affecting multiple users.  The cause of it was a particular VPN was blocking some of the JavaScript and CSS files that Canvas needed to load properly.  Users needed to contact the technical support for their VPN to try to allow the files from Canvas to load.  While waiting for the VPN company to resolve the issue, the users were able to get it to work by disabling their VPN while using Canvas.

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