Access Dates between Populi and Canvas

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We have Populi as our SIS and Canvas as our LMS. The dates for the semester are posted into Populi and that information connects in Canvas. What doesn't seem to connect is the early access dates where students and faculty can have access prior to and after the official start/end of the class. Populi seems to override Canvas even when I select to have the course open for the "term." Is there a way to make this work I am missing?

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Hello @ThomasPittman

If your SIS Populi is overriding Canvas term access dates for different users, it would probably be best to contact them directly. You could also speak with Canvas Support but they may need you to open a ticket or confirm with Populi first directly before they can look into the issue on their end. This is likely something caused (and needs to be fixed) by Populi and not Canvas.

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