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Access Denied - h5p content

I've cloned a course (Course A) and an using the newly cloned course (Course B) in a new class. My h5p content isn't transfering over. When both teachers and students go to access the h5p content in Course B they get this error: Access Denied You don't have access to view this resource.

Both teachers and students could see the content in course A (the course is now closed)


Any suggestions for how to fix this once for the whole course, or is the only option to go in individually and relink each piece of h5p content?


Notes: I'm using chrome, I have the most updated versions of chrome and canvas, I've cleared by cache and restarted my computer.

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@jtinoco Normally that message is coming from the content pointing to content in a different course.  For example, even though it is in course B, the link is directing them to course A that they are are members of thus giving that error.

You can test this by having someone that is in both the A and B course see if they get that error.  If they do, then something else is going on.  Honestly I have never seen that message for anything else but maybe others have.

If this is the issue, the only way I know of to fix is to manually go through and relink things one by one...sorry.

Hope this helps and maybe others have ideas too!


The message is showing up for people who are enrolled in both courses, even the owner/creater of both courses.

I put in a help ticket, so crossing my fingers that they can find something on the back end!

Thank you!

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Community Coach

I'm thinking out loud here.  A few years ago I did a bit with, which was free and open source and great for educators.  They warned us that they would transition to the paid content and I quite relying on the free org content.  I'm curious if the old legacy .org content will end up breaking.  I completely understand that online content creation isn't a charity and it did make some sense for me for them to be compensated.  But it's not one of the services I personally want to pay for a subscription right now.