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I’m being accused of academic dishonesty based on the canvas access logs. I didn’t cheat so I am wondering if it’s possible to generate a false positive on the access logs and if these logs can be used to substantiate a academic dishonesty claim.



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Community Coach

Hi @1JadeWong 

Thank you for posting here, and I'm sorry that you find yourself in this situation.

This is a global public forum, so it is essential that you don't disclose any further personal information here.

  • It is important that you seek support from within your institution as soon as you can; perhaps you have a dedicated student support team, or in some institutions the Students Union may have an advocacy role in guiding and supporting students who find themselves in the situation that you describe. If neither of these apply perhaps you have a teacher that you are comfortable having a discussion with, or a class representative.
  • Please don't 'stew' on this on your own

As a Learning Technologist I support our teachers and Directors of Study by checking basic Canvas logging information and also Turnitin.

It is important to recognise that Canvas logs may not always tell the whole story - we have had a recent example where sharing a laptop resulted in one student submitting to another's assignment in error, In this case the Canvas logs can tell us which logon was used, but not who was using that logon.

  • We know that there may be lags with some tools reporting back to Canvas logs, of up to a day or so
  • There are some specific characteristics of mobile Canvas App access that may under-report activity, or delay reporting
  • Generally activity logging in New Quizzes is very robust, but still must be treated cautiously

You can do your own search in the Canvas community, but I think that this public webpage from a Yale University Teaching Support Department will probably help you, and the team investigating this potential academic integrity issue, put the Canvas Access Logs into perspective:- 

You can also see an earlier forum discussion related to Quizzes here 

Hope that helps, and good luck with your outcome and studies.

kind regards


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @1JadeWong ...

Just to quickly add on to the excellent information you received from @paul_fynn, I did find a page on Harvey Mudd College's website for you that might be of help.  There is some contact information that you'd be able to use to get local help from someone there.  Good luck to you!

Canvas Support | Computing and Information Services | Harvey Mudd College (

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