Access Turnitin for work not submitted to Canvas

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A student emailed  me a paper instead of submitting to Canvas as required. Therefore, it has not been scanned by Turnitin. Is there a way to access Turnitin directly? 

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Hi @LucyGettman ...

My understanding is that you would be able to log into the Turnitin website and submit the student's assignment that was given to you so that you can check it for plagiarism.  @dhulsey, is this still true?

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Absolutely, @Chris_Hofer ! @LucyGettman , you can always access Turnitin through their webportal, and if you do not know your password, you can use your primary Canvas email and go through the password resent process.

Once you gain access, you can use the Quick Submit feature to check any student work from essays to discussion posts: 

I hope that helps!



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