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I have a new course that my team have created and we want to open it up to anyone who wishes to participate in it and I am unsure what the best way to give access to people would be. 

If we just share it as an open-access link, I am not sure if learners will be able to complete quizzes on that we have created. I think this may only be possible for those with log ins - is that right? 

Is there other ways we can go about this? Giving learners log ins is a manual process at my institutions and IT have said that would not be a sustainable solution. 

Is there any way at all that learners might register on canvas directly for the course but somehow we can keep track of who is signing up? 

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Hi @AliFazel ,

It's hard to answer part of your question without knowing your account type (free/paid) and how you are currently using Canvas but I'll do my best to help you.

Who are you wanting to participate - students, teachers, admin, or employees? Who has accounts? Did you guys use a Free-for-Teacher instance or do you have a paid instance? You can upload a file with user account details and then use that same file to enroll them in your course. Or you can have your course be a self-enrollment course. 

It sounds like you would like users to self-enroll in the course. You first need to make sure that your instance allows this. Please review How do I enable Self Enrollment in an Account.

Then you will need to make sure you have the course setting turned on and you can make it so users need a join code - How do I enable course self-enrollment via join code.

Reply if you have more details or questions.


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