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Accessing copies of messages sent to students via Peoplel

How can I view copies of Messages that I have sent to students (or to discrete student groups) using People?.

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Hi there, @FrankPierce-McM ...

Are you referring to the ability to send a message to someone when you click on their name in the "People" screen and then click on the envelope icon under their name (which appears in a right-hand slide out)?  If so, I tested this out in my own sandbox course by sending a message in this manner to a test dummy student account.  I was able to view the sent message in my Canvas Inbox.  In my Canvas Inbox, I selected the "Sent" option from the top drop-down menu to see messages in my "Sent" view.  The message I had just sent to the test dummy student was listed on that screen.  Please give that a try in your own course to see if it works.  Or, if you have a sandbox course with a dummy student in it, you might be able to test it that way as well.

Please keep us posted here in the Community...thanks!