Active student showing as inactive in New Analytics - not associated with university enrollment

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I'm using Canvas Free for Teachers with a group of students from a wide range of universities. I sent out course invitations and am tracking confirmed enrollments. Some students are clearly enrolled and active in the course (based on course activity) but they don't show up on the Students page of New Analytics and when I click "New Analytics" for one of these students I get the message "This user has an inactive enrollment status or a deleted status. We cannot show data for this user in New Analytics."

My course is not associated with a university so there's no way (at least as I'm aware) for a student to be "unenrolled" from my course. 

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@blduran05 I believe that you will see New Analytics data for students who have accepted invitations only 24-48 hours after they accept. This is because:

  1. Pending/invited enrollments are a different status than active. This is why you saw a warning message when clicking New Analytics from the student card. I think New Analytics filters out enrollments with any status other than active (and perhaps completed). It is possible for students to navigate through the course without accepting the invitation, and that would also keep them from appearing in New Analytics.
  2. The data source for New Analytics is not Canvas itself but a snapshot created each day. Document such as How do I view analytics for an individual student in New Analytics? indicate that delay. Labels indicating a 24 hours delay within New Analytics were removed earlier this year because it was variable.

Hope this helps! To see what a specific student has accessed, you could also go to their access report from People and clicking their name.
How do I view the course access report for an individual user? 

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