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I teach foreign language and am wondering about the types of activities that can show that a student has stopped viewing the quiz taking page. I know, for instance, that my students use Chromebooks, and a built-in feature of the Chromebook is a translator/spell-checker. Students can highlight a word or sentence and check for spelling and/or meaning. Would the activity log show that they have stopped viewing the quiz page if they try doing one of these things? I also had a student tell me that they copied and pasted words and phrases from the multiple choice section of the test to the essay portion of the test. Would this show as them exiting the page as well? Please clarify some of this if you can, because I want to keep my students honest about taking their tests and quizzes, but I don't want to accuse any of them falsely for cheating. Thank you.

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Hello there, @KrisEdwards ...

Assuming that you are still using the Classic Quizzes interface in your Canvas course(s), the following Guide shows you examples of the kinds of log entries you would see for your students:

How do I view a quiz log for a student? - Instructure Community (

I am not sure that the specific examples you gave would be included in quiz log reports. You might want to do some testing on that using a dummy student account.

Hope this helps a bit, though.

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