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 Is there any reports that I can run to show the student's entire activity in their Canvas courses? Not just the last time they logged into the course? This would be helpful from a documentation standpoint.  Thanks 

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Hi Shawna,

Canvas does offer the #last_enrollment_activity_report‌ that is part of the #admin reports‌ list. The only issue with this is that if you want a daily recap of what a student did for that day, you will need to run the report and download the data daily.  If you are just interested on when a student submitted some sort of graded assignment, then you can look at using the #student submission‌ report. Which shows the date the student submitted that assignment as well as when it was graded. 

Those are the best two reports I can think of that would help you that are available by default in your instance of Canvas. If neither of these are what you're looking for you can try using #canvas data‌ or you may want to talk with your #csm‌ about getting a custom report created for you. 

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