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I am trying to add a hyperlink to an image that I have inserted in a page.

I am using the Enhanced Content Editor and when I click on the image and then on the link symbol I only have the option to link Text 


If I click the Options tab that appears when the image is clicked all I get is this 352735_pastedImage_2.png

I know that I am missing something, but I cannot figure out what it is. I want my students to be able to click an image and have it take them to a web page. 

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You cannot apply a link to an image directly. This is why there is no link when you get the properties of the image.

What happens is that you have an image inside (img element) inside an anchor (a) element. The anchor element allows the href attribute, which is what makes it a link.

When the link wraps an image, you don't use link text, you just supply the link (href). By default, Canvas pre-fills the link with the location of the file. You should change the Link to be where you want the link to go. 

You should also make sure that you supply a useful alt attribute on the image so that something helpful shows up when people mouse over it.

The workflow is

  1. embed image and supply alt attribute.
  2. select image
  3. apply link and change link address.

In the New Rich Content Editor, I'm seeing different behavior today than a couple of weeks ago so I do not know if this is the permanent behavior or not.

  • If you click on the image that is not wrapped inside the anchor, the single Options is for the image.


  • If you click on the image that is wrapped inside the anchor element and has a link, then there are two Options. For me, the left one is for the image and the right one is for the link.


  • If you click in the whitespace immediately to the left or right of the image so that that the image is not selected but you're inside the link, then the single Options is for the link.


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