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Adding People via Email Not Working

We are noticing a behavior that, when adding enrollments to a course that is not synced with our Student Information System (say, a faculty development or cohort-specific internship class), we are unable to use the participant email address. Only the Login ID and SIS options are working, and not all the time.

Wondering if anyone else is running into similar roadblocks - I didn't see this request in other posts, nor via release notes (unless I missed something).

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I have had this issue as well. Canvas support told me that you can only enroll users with verified email addresses when adding by email. So if you manually create a new account and the user has not logged in to verify their email address, you will not be able to add them to a course via email address and will have to use SIS ID or username instead.

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Thanks, @matthew_west. The weird thing is that it happens with registered and active users - students, faculty and staff that are added via SIS - as well as new users.

Appreciate the insight - this is helpful for new users, though I'll see if anyone else chimes in before we escalate to Tier One support.

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@cgaudreau I have had a few of these as well that for whatever reason I can't use their email address to add them.  Fortunately for us, their email address is also their Login ID, so I have just switched the radial to Login ID and then it has worked.  I have only had it happen like 2 or 3 times and since I got it with the switch to Login ID, I did not really think much of it.


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This has happened for our school this year.  Users (Students) have not been sync'd from powerschool into Canvas.  The resulting email add has caused issues with the grade sync following the manual add.  Are any of you powerschool users?  Have you experienced difficulties following the manual addition of a student to the course?

I would think it was designed to work or else Canvas would not have given teachers a +People to click.

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@cdunn4 we don't use Powerschool, but I'm getting the sense that this ought to be escalated at this point. I'm going to push a request via the Admin Console.

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@matthew_west Got the same response via ticket escalation. I'm wondering if there is something about our onboarding process and Single Sign On requirements that are jamming up the works for some users. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯