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I am an admin on our Canvas account. I see that Immersive Reader is now available for everyone, but I can't see where to enable it. Is it still rolling out? All I have is the Wiki Page trial, which is locked. Should I look somewhere else? Is there a guide for this? Thanks. 

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Hello there, @jwylie ...

Since you are a Canvas administrator, you should be able to go to your account "Settings" page, and then click on the "Feature Options" tab.  Once there, under the "Account" heading, you may see a row for "Microsoft Immersive Reader - Free Trial (Wiki Pages)" ... at least, that is what it is for us right now.  More information here: What feature options are currently available for a... - Canvas Community.  You should be able to turn this on for everyone at your school.  The Immersive Reader is only available on Canvas course "Pages" content pages.  It does not apply to other areas of Canvas courses such as Discussion topics, Quizzes, or Assignments.

I hope this helps a bit.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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