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If I allow students to reply to an announcement in Canvas, will other students in the group get an e-mail every time a new reply is received?

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Hi  @ellen_nierenber  Welcometo the Canvas Community.  Good question!   First, for your future reference, you can read up on what all of the various notification preferences mean in more detail on the PDF that is linked at the top of the page here: How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as a student? I suspected the answer to your question was "no," based on the preferences available on that screen, and my own testing indicated that, indeed, the student will NOT receive notifications. They can receive a notification when the Announcement is posted, but that's it.

Interestingly--and frankly, rather confusingly--when a student replies to the announcement they DO see the tell-tale "Subscribed" symbol, similar to Discussions (which Announcements are quite similar to within Canvas), and normally that might indicate that they will get notifications.  But after doing a few other student replies in a test class, my "student" did not receive any more emailed notifications for the additional student replies. So indeed, the options that are seen on the Notification preferences screen is the extent of "hidden features"!

I hope this helps, Ellen.

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