Any tips for using subaccounts?

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Greetings. We are considering setting up HR with a subaccount for internal training modules.

I've read through all the documentation, and it looks like a subaccount Admin can implement most all of the Canvas features in their subaccount; but they don't have any Admin capabilities in the root account or any other subaccounts. This is what we are hoping for.

Q1. Am I understanding this correctly?

Q2. Are there any glitches you've come across? Any tips for us?

Thanks much, Margi

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Subaccount admins have administrator access within their sub-account and any sub-accounts under their sub-account. But you are correct, that a sub-account admin will not have administrator access to the root account (unless of course their added as an administrator at the root level). I'm not sure if you saw this, Hierarchical Structure for Canvas Accounts, but it might be worth looking at if you missed it. Keep in mind too that you can customize the permissions of your admins within each sub-account if you want them to have different permissions from the default ones.

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If you're going to go down the path of custom roles (which has lots of benefits) do it early, and assign people to niche custom roles, rather than the generic ones - adding and removing (and keeping track) of your admin permissions and people is labout intensive. Being able to run a report of admin, much easier with well-named custom roles, and also you have to burrow down to add in the admins for the layers. This can grow dull if you're a big organisation. 

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