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App integration

I hope I'm asking in the right forum.  I developed an online course consisting of video lectures and and quizzes that I currently have on a website.  My clients (colleges) are asking for Canvas integration so they can offer it to students, but I have no clue where to start.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Community Team
Community Team

@Technewb  I apologize that your question has not yet received a response. Here's a link to the compilation of resources Canvas developers typically use: Canvas Dev & Friends - Instructure Tech Blog 

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I'm assuming that the course you built  the website is not hosted through any LMS (learning management system such as Blackboard, Schoology etc)

If that's the case it's not so much a question of integrating the course into Canvas as recreating the course in Canvas. You'll have to bring it piece by piece.

If your course falls conveniently into certain units it might be advisable to use modules in canvas to capture this structure.

Then you could link to the videos already on your website in the relevant modules:

If your institution uses Canvas Studio it might be worth uploading your original videos to Canvas Studio:

Quizzes night prove trickier - unless you built quizzes in an application like Respondus there's probably no import route and you may have to recreate your work in Canvas Quizzes: I'd go with 'New Quizzes':


Although just like with videos you could link to the quizzes on your website using the same approach as for video, but you then won't have anywhere to show grades etc.