Apply missing automatically to an assignment that does not require submission

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Is there a way to do this without having to manually change the assignment to missing?

For example, the assignment is on paper with no submission. Has a due date. Student fails to turn in work. Is there a way to set Canvas to auto the missing designation?

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@RussellStaples I do not believe this is possible.  There is a way to do this when there is some sort of submission but the way that works is Canvas is looking for the submission element and when there is not a submission for a student and the date has passed it marks it as missing.  If there is not some sort of submission on the student side, then Canvas has nothing to go by and unfortunately, the instructor entering a grade is not considered a submission.

Guessing that is not the answer you were hoping for.


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@RussellStaples -

I agree with what @nwilson7 stated.  Having a way for Canvas to automatically label all unscored responses as missing after the due/until date would be ideal - I could see some possible issues with it though.

However, I interpreted a possible solution to your question more along the lines of is there a way for you to assign a label of missing (the red shading)to all assignments not turned in (i.e. there is no grade for the student in the grade book).  Basically what is available for setting a default grade (which has to be numeric) but for the missing shading.

I checked out the gradebook because I knew EX was used for excused.  Unfortunately nothing is used for missing or late.  So you can't just export the gradebook and put in the missing designation for all the missing assignments (what I was going to suggest was set the default grade to -1 for all unsubmitted work, export the gradebook do a replace of -1 with the missing designation and then import the information back - however, that is probably more time than going through the assignment manually). 

Having the ability to set a default status of missing, excused or late would be nice in addition to the default grade.


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