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When I set up appointment blocks, Canvas messages the class that the appointment blocks were created.  I don't want this automatic message sent and I'm spinning my wheels trying to figure out where to turn that option off.  The help guides on Appointments don't come anywhere near to addressing that.  Can someone guide me in the right direction?

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@emily_asher, much as with other notification preferences in Canvas, each student decides individually whether to opt for something other than the default setting.  Because appointment signups can be capacity-controlled, the default setting for Appointment Availability is "Notify immediately".  

You're right that the instructor guide for appointment scheduling in the calendar does not explain this; however, the guide page on notifications does link to a document with details about the roles, triggers and default settings for each category of notifications:

Finally, here's a link to a feature idea about the need you articulated:

Feel free to add your star rating and/or comments to that idea. I did both!

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