Are all the assignments in a group weighted equally?

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I have assignment groups set up. There are multiple assignments in a group. If the assignments in that group are worth different point values, are they weighted differently inside that group?

Second question: I added an assignment to a group and the assignment is worth zero points, Extra Credit. Then I award points for it as I grade the submissions. How does that affect the computation inside the group where that assignment is?

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@BillNicholson Canvas only has the ability to do assignment group weights.  The assignments then within those groups are weighted based on the point values (not equally).  So, if I have a group called quizzes, and in there are three quizzes, one worth 20 points, one worth 30 points and one with 50 points which conveniently adds up to 100 total points.  Then the 20 point one is 20%, 30 point one is 30% and 50 point one is 50% of that category.  It is point based so it is not truly weighted within the category but mathematically it works out to a weight.  

For the extra credit, it is just like giving a few more points to any of the assignments within that category.  For the quizzes example I used, if there was a 0 point quiz that students could get up to 10 extra credit points then they could earn a total of 110/100 points in the quiz category.

It gets sort of tricky though as if you are using weights and extra credit, students are not getting the full value of the extra credit.  Again, with my example, if the quizzes category is only worth 20% of the total course grade, those 10 extra points then only help in that 20% so in the overall course grade, that is 2 points (20% of 10 points).  So I have seen instructors use a different category for extra credit or track it somewhere else to add to the base of the points.  

Here is the Canvas guide on extra credit:

How do I give extra credit in a course? - Instructure Community

Hope this helps!



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