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Articulate eLearning not working - Access Denied


I am new in the Canvas community and I am facing a problem publishing my first eLearning... Can someone help, pleaseeeee?

I did my eLearning on Articulate and exported the eLearning as a LMS Scorm file.

I have created a new folder and uploaded the eLearning on it.

I created a new assignment and added the HTML and published the assignment .

When I click to open it says "Access Denied".

I am not sure what am I doing wrong. Please see the attached pictures

Thanks for your help.

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Community Champion

@PedroRAmado I have never seen Articulate integrated like you are trying.  You need to add SCORM to your Canvas course which if enabled for your institution I believe will show in the course navigation area of the "Settings" menu as something you can enable.  Once you enable it, you will have a SCORM button in the course menu.  Click on that and you will then be able to upload the SCORM package that you created.  Once you upload, it will ask how you want the package to be added, such as a graded assignment or a page.  This will then integrate the package into Canvas.

Hope this helps!


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