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As a student, accessing my total grades (or individual quiz/assignment grades) on a specific course

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I am a student utililzing Python to gather my grades and put them on a chart. 

I am curious if there was a way for me to get my total grade for a course through the Python API

So far, through the canvasapi library, I am able to access a course, but do not see the opportunity to access my grades from there. 

Let me know!

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Hello @JaredCohen 

There isn't really an API call for students to get a list of their grades and/or total within a course  - at least, not one that has been documented on the API index here:  https://canvas.instructure.com/doc/api/index.html 

Generally speaking, for students to view their grades you go to the course  and view them there directly. If you are trying to use Python for a specific assignment or if you are trying to enter your totals in a document you are working on, it would probably be much faster to simply look at your total and enter it within the document. 

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