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Asked professor to delete a dissuasion- he did but it still shows up?

So I posted my post to a welcome board. Felt like I shared too much. My professor said he would delete it. And it’s weird it shows deleted on my pc but not my phone? I tried refreshing and nothing.


why is it a big deal you may ask. Well. I posted a pic of my babies on it. And I thought I took the photo off prior to posting as I changed my mind. 

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Hello @KellieLittle 

That sounds very odd! Without being able to take a look at your specific example, I would not be able to tell you what is causing that to happen. 

Have you tried to reset the cache on the app? You can usually do this from your device settings screen. One thing to note is that 

  • After enabling the Reset Cache on Next Launch option, you must force close and re-launch the Student app for your cache to reset.

If needed, it might be best to reach out to Canvas support to have them take a look to see what is causing that to happen. They will need to have you provide links to where you are seeing this and any screenshots you can take demonstrating the issue. 


Hopefully this helps!