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Assigning work to groups of students where each student submits individually

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I am running into a problem with individually assigning/group assigning an assignment and hoping someone could provide some insights.  Right now with many of our classes, we have groups of students who receive assignments/instruction that have modifications.  What I would like to do is be able to create a group set for students who receive those modifications so rather than individually typing in names for each assignment.

Right now each time I am making assignments, I am typing in the names of the 8 kids who receive the modified version and then typing in the 22 names of the students who receive the traditional version.  I need each student to submit their own copy because they are not working together as a group to complete but rather they are working as individuals so it does not appear that Group Assignments will solve this solution for me.

Has anyone found an easy way to be able to assign differentiated work to student groups without having to individually type names each time? 

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One of my biggest pet peeves about Canvas is the ambiguity of the word "group."  In Canvas, the term "group" means a "team" of students who are collaborating together. The Infrastructure developers should have used the word "team" from the get-go.

What you want to do is create "sections."  Then you can easily assign "sections" of students to do differentiated work.  The students in the "sections" will work individually, and they will not see who is in their "section."

So, just how do we get the Infrastructure development team to improve their use of terminology? That's the million dollar question.  


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