Assignment Due Date Different in Canvas App for Student than Desktop

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We received notification from a student that states their Canvas app showed a different due date for an assignment than the actual deadline posted in the desktop version by the instructor. Upon acting as the student in Canvas their account appeared to be in the correct time zone.  The course settings and assignment due date were also accurate. A similar community post last year suggested this may be a result of the students phone settings being in a different time zone.  Are there any other suggestions for why this may occur?



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Hi @KelsiMundell,

I would concur that time zone seems the most likely issue here.  The teacher screenshot shows 11:59pm on Jan 20 as the due date and the student shows 1:59am on Jan 21.  That would essentially mean the student's time zone is 2 zones further east than the teacher's.  I don't know anything other than time zone settings that would cause a discrepancy like that.


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