Assignment Grade entered and not showing for only one student

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Please help if you can,

I'm having issues for one student's assignment grade (presentation with a rubric). All presentations were marked using the rubric, and grade entered in the field (because for some reason the rubric grade was not automatically populating the grade field).

The problem I need help with is that all student's grades are appearing in the grade book except for one student's. When I click on the field, the grade is there, but even when I try to re-type the grade, it disappears and is replaced with the icon. 

Thanks in advance for any help.

Image attached for clarity:

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 12.59.17 PM.png

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Hi @CC19 

When I have had this issue, it was because the submission icon that shows in the gradebook view is showing for a second submission. The student had uploaded more than one submission.  I had to go into the speedgrader and make sure I graded the most recent submission. I couldn't do this from the gradebook. Perhaps this is the case here. 

On another note, I have had the problem of rubrics not "not automatically populating the grade field".  This was because I had neglected to check the "Use Rubric for Assignment Grading" on the rubric itself. See the section "Select Rubric Settings" on the guide linked below.  You can go back to the rubric and change this setting to have the scores automatically populated.

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