Assignment Group detailing total percentage attained for Course

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Hi there,

I have the following scenario attached.


The question that I have is:

How do I show the Assignment Group 1, which equates to 30% of the grade, to show the true value of 22.9% and not the arbitrary value of 73 points.

Thanks for your assistance.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Dorian,

The assignment group column does not show the percentage earned towards the overall course grade.  It shows the percentage earned within that particular assignment group.  

In your example, you have a student who got 73 out of 100, or 73%, on Assignment 1, and since Assignment 1 appears to be the only assignment in the Assignment 1 assignment group, the assignment group column also shows 73%.  If there were multiple assignments in the assignment group that had grades, the percentage would reflect the cumulative percentage for all the assignments in the assignment group, i.e, total points/points possible for the assignment group.


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