Assignment Submissions: How do I get notified for only students in my section, not the whole course?

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When trying to be notified of a student submission using notifications, I instead get emails for every student in the course, and not just in the sections I teach. This makes it very difficult to know when I need to grade, especially for late submissions.

Is there a way to only get notified by Section you are enrolled in as a teacher?

I am an admin who has access to all courses we run. I know I can set notifications by Course, but can I set them by section?

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Community Coach

Hi @AndyEMC,

In general, you'd want to have your own enrollment in the course/courses limited to interact only with your own sections.  Since you're an an admin, you should be able to make that change to your enrollments, but if the option is not available to you, you'd then need to work with your full root admin to make that modification.  It may also be something that you need to investigate changing in your SIS feed, depending how that process works at your school/institution.

I hope this info helps!


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