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My assignments due times are always 11:59 pm. Students often submit their assignments while the clock reads "11:59 pm", but technically 11:59 pm ends at the stroke / beginning of 11:59 pm. Hence, the assignment is marked 11:59 pm, but also LATE. If I move the assignment to 12 am the next day - students will assume that the assignment is due "the next day" at midnight.

Question - Can the Canvas clock be adjusted so that the minute 11:59 pm (or any minute) registers at the end of the 60 seconds? That way the student actually has until the end of the "minute due" to submit the assignment and it won't be marked LATE. "

Or - could we add a time designation of "midnight" ?


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This post might be better suited for the Ideas area of the Canvas community where feature changes can be suggested by users. 

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