Assignment sorting order not saving when sorting manually

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I am having a very frustrating issue with my assignments being sorted randomly. I manually go through on the Assignments page and drag and drop them into the correct order, but when I navigate away and come back, they're back to being all messed up:




This is also the order in which these assignments show up in the gradebook. When I go through and drag and drop to sort them correctly, it "sticks" about 20% of the time. Once it's fixed, when I reimport any assignment (I'm linked to WebAssign and using Canvas export files to update due dates when they change), they all get mixed up again and I have to try over and over to get them to sort properly again.

I'm not sure if the problem is partly because of WebAssign, but once the assignments are into Canvas shouldn't it not be a problem? I've experienced this in some of my other courses too, but not as bad as in this WebAssign course.

Does anyone have any ideas for a solution to get my assignments to permanently sort the way I want them?

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