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I want to use the Grading tools in Canvas, but I am stuck on the following issue.  I have a few assignments for which  I want to enter separate 'grade assignment group' grades. For example, for a Presentation, I want to give students a grade for "Communication Skills" and a grade for "Accuracy" - 2 of my assignment groups (It is an ESL class).  Is there any way to do this? Ideally I would enter new columns in the Gradebook, but that isn't an option in Canvas.  Do I have to make 2 separate Presentation Assignments in order to enter 2 separate assignment group grades?  If so, this seems like it would be confusing to students.  

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Hi, Debbie,

If you want to have two separate grades, then yes, you would need to create two separate assignments in Canvas. Assignments don't have to be something that has a submission. For these two types of grades, I am guessing there is nothing to submit—it's just a place for you to post grades, correct? You could create two assignments where the grade is no submission, and then include an assignment description for students so they know what it is. That option would let you have the "assignments" in the gradebook and enter scores as you'd like, while not having students submit anything. To create no-submission assignments, see the Select Submission Type section in 

If you have an assignment where students make a submission, you could also add a rubric to that assignment, where you can create rubric criterions for communication skills and accuracy, respectively. This option only creates one grade for the assignment and students could view the rubric to see how they were graded. Info on this option: How do I add a rubric to an assignment? 

Let us know if one of these options will work for you!


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