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Assignments become Gray and students can not see even though they are published

My assignments were working fine today, and then during this class period assignments started showing up grey and students could not see them. All of the assignments are published, the module is published, and the date available on the assignments are today.Screenshot (28).pngScreenshot (29).png

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @mlbrown54 ...

Do you have any of your modules configured with prerequisites or requirements that would prevent moving forward until something else has been completed first?

Keep us posted...thanks!

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There were some requirements on there! I took those off and it works now, thank you so much!!!

I took over in February and am using the previous teachers Canvas and still trying to learn as we go. Thank you so much for your help

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It looks like you have requirements set for the last 4 items in the module.  

the u2 module 2 activity 1 needs to satisfy its requirement before the next item Quiz U2 Module 2.1 can become available.

Your requirements are set to where the students have to follow them in order and will only see the next one when the previous one has met the requirement


If you just want them to complete the requirement - in any order do not select the "Students must move through requirements in sequential order.  it sounds like you want what is shown above selected only.  And then the list of the requirements for the module