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Automated Messages to students who haven't turned in assignments

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Is there an option to do this? I'd like to automate sending messages after a predetermined time (probably a day after) to students/parents who haven't turned in assignments. 

I understand it's possible to send messages to students who haven't turned an assignment in, but it would be easier if I could create a standard message for late work and just have that be automated to students (like a toggle for the assignment, just like we can toggle the type of submission they have to submit). 

It should be an option within the assignment details to add a message.  Is that an option? is it being worked on? 

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Community Coach

The best option currently available within the Canvas toolset for automated messages like you describe is to create a missing submission policy. Students who do not submit something will receive a notification that the policy has been applied once the due date for the assignment has passed:

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This does not give us the option to choose when the missing submission policy is applied (your example suggests a day grade period), nor does it allow us to customize the message sent. It's just the standard grade notification that gets sent for any grade.

I use this in my classes even though I exercise compassion for students with late assignment submissions, and I prep students by stating my late assignment policy clearly in the assignment instructions. 

Instructure is currently reorganizing its process for ideas submitted by users. When we're again able to submit new ideas and give feedback on current ones, you might give positive feedback on one that was suggested by another user with a similar concern:

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