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Canvas combines questions from uploaded Blackboard pools. For example, I just uploaded Blackboard Pool #3 to canvas. When I went to select Pool 3 as the source of questions for exam 3 I noticed that canvas had combined all questions from Pool 2 and Pool 3. After several deleting and uploading attempts finally Canvas stopped combining pools. This has happened in all 3 of my courses this summer.

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Hello @StevenLewis 

Just to follow up with what @ColtonSwapp mentioned  and provided - yes it should be bringing them over and creating  question banks  and quizzes based on the export from Blackboard directly. The guide Colton provided for QTI imports should be what you're following. If you are exporting/importing  the  entire course you can also  try this option:

I'd try it first  with your Blackboard exports in a sandbox  if  your course is now live. Additionally, if you are still having issues with the exports you'd need to speak with Blackboard or your school directly as Canvas doesn't have access to your Blackboard. Also, if you need assistance with the import process, you are more than welcome to speak with Canvas directly. Hopefully this helps!

If you need help with the process, you can contact Canvas Support directly to pinpoint the source of the issue and provide a resolution:  

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