Blueprints Course Start End Date want to not sync

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It would be really great if blueprints had the option to NOT sync course start/end dates. Our SIS pushes those over, but the blueprint wipes it out. We have to manually adjust.

Anyone deal with this!?

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Community Coach

Hi @nathanphillips ...

Yup...this has happened to us, too (and we only have a few Blueprint courses at the moment).  I searched the Community for Feature Ideas, and I found this one that seems to be similar to what you are referring to:

Blueprint syncs should not override set dates with... - Instructure Community (

If you feel this idea is similar to something you'd like to see implemented in Canvas, you might want to post a comment to that topic with your own examples of why this is important to you.  Also, give it a star rating.  [More on that here: How do idea conversations work in the Instructure ... - Instructure Community (]

Hope this helps a bit.

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