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I am trying to access the feedback given to me for my assignment. When I clicked on the feedback link, it says that I am using the Internet browser, which is outdated and no longer supported by Canvas. I have installed Chrome in my computer. How do I set Chrome as the default browser to use canvas. Regards. Chris
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@ChrisPerera ...

I'm not sure that you can set a default browser just for Canvas (since Canvas is a website).  Normally, you can set your default browser for your computer.  For example, if you want the Edge browser to be the default or some other browser.  I found this website that shows you how to do this:

Change your default browser in Windows 10 (

These are support pages on how to update your Chrome browser if it is not up-to-date:

You could also try downloading Mozilla Firefox...if you wanted.

Keep us posted on how things go for you.

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