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Bulk edits of HTML

Hello, there are lots of questions regarding bulk edits for key areas but I couldn't find anything on HTML.

Is there a way to bulk edit HTML of pages within an Environment, and/or a Course, and/or a Module. I understand blueprints might be a solution but I'm thinking more along the lines if you wish to change some HTML across an environment, say how a particular HTML Class attribute.

For example, it might be possible to do a find an replace in a database?

A related issue, after a recent Canvas update it appears use of a i tag "<i></i>" with a class attribute has been stripped out of Discussion Forum pages? Its odd, but the upshot is the class attribute for this tag now needs changing wherever it is used i.e. its not possible to use CSS to correct this because Canvas is stripping out the Class.

Advice and ideas welcome. 


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Hi @dm200400600 ,

If you're looking to modify things for all courses, you could have someone with admin access modify the Global JS/CSS files.  This can also be done on subaccounts, so depending how your school's Canvas is configured, it may be possible to do this for a subset of courses (usually within a particular department, college, etc).

Aside from that, I don't really know of a way to get around the CSS restrictions the RCE imposes.


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Thank you. We already use that method to style existing HTML and it is certainly something we will try to address issues like this with in future i.e. keeping things flexible enough in the HTML to make bulk changes via the global CSS.

It is shame there isn't the sort of backend option, say like in Moodle, where you could just do a find and replace on some specific HTML in the database or maybe even a repro(?), as a hypothetical changing "In this topic" to "In the Section" or whatever.