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Can Canvas keep track of quiz scores taken within Rise 360 assets?

Hi all. I'm an ID new to creating Articulate 360 assets and using them in Canvas. We have created faculty onboarding material with Rise 360 that includes 5 quizzes that users have to pass with a minimum score of 80% in order to continue to the next module. However, when I import the file into Canvas, I can only select "Complete/Incomplete" and other similar options. The initial idea was that users had to pass the overall "course" with a minimum score of 85% in order to trigger the first meeting with the ID but it's not working as anticipated since I only see Complete (100%) or nothing.

Is there a way for those quiz results (all five of them) to show up in Canvas Gradebook? I'd like to be able to see where faculty struggled to revisit that content with them in the first meeting which is why I'd like to see the individual quiz scores.

I imagine I could create one module at a time as an asset and have the quiz report to the Gradebook. Is this the most elegant solution?

Any and all advice would be welcome. Thank you in advance.

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