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Can 'Due Dates' be set relative to when a student is enrolled in a course?

Is there a way to set a due date that is relative to adding a student?

My classrooms are NOT connected to traditional educational calenders and semesters.  My students are added at different times through out the year.

Ultimately, I would like to say 'Test 1' is due 10 days after enrolling, 'Test 2' is due 20 days after enrolling, etc, etc.


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I was hoping to find an answer to this same question, and am disappointed that there is no answer listed here. Have you been able to find a way to do this yet?

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FYI, if you use Canvas Catalog, you can set a course to have a time limit, e.g., "course must be completed in X days". Then it creates a section in the Canvas course that starts on the day of enrollment and ends after X days.

It does not alter the due dates for assignments--that would be super nice!

But the import tool can do that, right? So seems like the basic functionality is somewhere under the hood. An API could likely be triggered to update assignment dates based on the course date, and I bet someone has done that. I'm looking and will post if I figure it out.

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FYI, found this


Flexible Learning is a rolling enrollment LTI application built by Instructure Professional Services. With Flexible Learning, a course can be set up to allow for rolling enrollments so that due dates are set at a predefined amount of time from an enrollment date. When you enroll a user manually or through your school's normal enrollment process that has Flex Learning enabled, the tool will make their due dates relative to the start and end dates of their section and their associated assignment due dates.


From :

contact your CSM to find out more

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FYI, to anyone following this thread, there's a new tool that Canvas offers that might do this