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Can a Student be in two different sections in a course?

I have a lab course with 5 sections (different meeting times- different formal instructors) - easy enough to do a crosslisted course and all the content is there for all students etc.  The problem is now with the distancing issues we need to do an alternating in person lab/online lab.  We have prelab quizzes to be administered for each lab.  This means I need to have two groupings (A) in person lab, and (B) on line lab  Quizzes with different due dates do not work with groups - can I create two sections (A & B and move the students into those sections, does this change their enrolled section?(I need to know these to track items for other purposes) are there any issues with having students in two different  sections this way ie Bob is in sections lab 5 and A  and jane is in sections lab 5 and B, Joe is in lab 4 and A, etc

Is this a workaround of the issue of not being able to have them take quizzes at different times via groups?

are there bad things that happen using this method?

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