Can a student redo a peer review?

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If a student has completed an assigned peer review, but then wants to go back and add to it, or change it, is there an option for them to do that? If not, how - as a teacher - would I enable them to redo the peer review as if the first peer review never happened?  Thanks!

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Hi  @gumery ‌ - That's an interesting question!  Being a Canvas administrator I tried putting this to a test, using a few phony student accounts.  Granted, I did not try this with a rubric, but only comments, but it appears the answer is "yes."  The student who wishes to redo the review can head into the assignment itself.  Over on the far right--under his/her own "Submission Details," they should still see the name of the student for which they've been assigned the peer review.  It will have a green checkmark next to it, indicating it has been done, but that does not prevent them from clicking directly on that student's name again, where they can add additional comments.  

Note that I said "additional," because the previously-submitted comments will still be seen.  You did ask how to do this as though the first one never happened.  In theory, you as the instructor can head to the assignment and click the Peer Reviews link over on the far right.  From there, you can click the trash icon next to the peer review that you wish to remove.  Then, simply re-assign the same student as though you were doing it from scratch.  (See this document for additional information: ) 

Interestingly, however, this will NOT remove that student's previously-submitted comments, even though you just in theory "trashed" the previous peer review.  (I confirmed this in my testing.)  So while either method above will allow the student to re-do a peer review, the previously-submitted comments will still be there.  Therefore, if you really, really wanted to remove all previous comments, YOU (the instructor) will have to head into the student's submission that the student reviews and manually remove the comments yourself in SpeedGrader, courtesy of those little X icons that will appear next the comments.  

I hope this helps a bit!

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I agree and would like to see our students with the ability to edit their rubric selections and comments before the peer review deadline.

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