Can a teacher submit an assignment for a student?

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I am having my students scan their homework and upload them to a Canvas assignment as a pdf file. However, I have a couple of students that don't have the ability to scan their homework. Therefore they turn them in to me directly. I would like for all the assignments to be in Canvas, that way I don't have to keep up with a couple of random papers. So is there a way as a teacher that I can scan the work a student turns in and upload it under their profile? Thanks.

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Hello  @michael_hartman .  The only way that this would be possible, currently, is for someone with administrator rights to "act as" the student and while acting as the student submit the assignment on their behalf.  There is an open feature idea for this functionality that has garnered a great deal of support and which you may want to vote up as well, 

In the meantime, if the students cannot scan their work, could they take an image of the assignment on their phone and submit this in addition to sending you what they have?  It may be easier to grade from the document that they send but there would be a record on the submission in Canvas and the files there if needed.  I do have some faculty who require students to submit photos of their written work/notes and in these examples I have noticed that with a high-quality image, one could make out their writing in the SpeedGrader window fairly easily.  Typed responses should be even easier to read from an image.  This is just a thought, but ultimately as can be seen in the feature idea, many individuals would like the ability to submit work on behalf of a student if the feature captured the correct metadata to differentiate this from standard submissions of the student.

I hope this helps!

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Hi! I have an update for everyone!

Submit an assignment on behalf of a student is now in Beta! Please read the Canvas Release Notes (2023-03-18) for more details.

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