Can students review quiz questions after they've taken a quiz?

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I'd like my students to be able to use past quizzes as study material and exam prep, but my students have noted the following:

1. If I put in an end date for quiz availability, it "disappears" from the students' view

2. If I make a quiz available indefinitely, when a student goes back to review it, they basically end up re-taking the quiz, which then gets marked as "late." I didn't set up any penalties for "late" quizzes, so it doesn't seem to actually affect their grade, but I still get a lot of panicked emails.

Is there an easy way to "lock" a quiz after the due date so students can still see and review the questions but they can't actually re-take it? I guess I could always just upload a separate file with all the quiz questions, but I'm looking for a more elegant solution. I should add I'm using the classic "Quizzes" function, not "New Quizzes"