Can't Remove Accidentally Created Sections

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My name is Kengo Skorick and I'm a teacher using Canvas.  I've been struggling to resolve this issue since December without any luck and getting desperate.. Basically somehow I've accidentally created many new sections, but the option to exit from them uniquely does not present itself for me and me only (no "x"), therefore making it impossible to delete the redundant sections.  I'm stuck in a circular problem.  The result is as follows:




Would love to know what to do next..  Thank you very much in advance for anyone's time.

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Hi  @kengo ,

You can't delete the sections because you have users enrolled in them.  So first click on the first section and you will see the users enrolled in that sections.  Hover or the users name and you will see a red circle with a black X to "Remove User from Section:


Do that to all users until you have none left on that sections, now try to delete the section.

Hope this helps.  Have a great day.

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