Can you rearrange sub-accounts?

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Hi all,

Doing some spring cleaning of the Canvas instance I manage. I want to create an Archive sub-account and then move the existing sub-accounts we no longer use into it, is this possible?

I feel like if this isn't a feature it should be considered as it would clean up Canvas a bit especially for Accounts with many sub-accounts.

Thank you



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Hi @JaiWOwen,

That file does look good to me.  I think UI stickiness might be coming in to play here (where info entered in the UI takes precedence over info uploaded via SIS CSV files).  When you upload that file in the UI, try selecting the "Override UI changes" and "Process as UI changes" option boxes and see if it works correctly.  I'd suggest doing this in a Test or Beta environment first to lower the risk of breaking anything unexpectedly.


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