Canvas Admin question SIS Import: "Download the error file to see all warnings"

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Hello, I am a Canvas admin and during the SIS updates for Enrollments, We did get a list of several errors, but I know that they can be ignored, however, at the bottom, it shows:

"and 1 more warnings that were not included - Download the error file to see all warnings."

I cannot seem to find where I can get the error file?



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Community Coach

Hi @RockyHarting,

I'll try to give the easiest answer i know...  If you simply ass an "s" to the end of the sis_import page url (ex: https://<school><account_id>/sis_imports), you'll get a JSON page showing results of the last 10 imports.  You can use the browser find function to locate "errors_attachment", and then go to the next "url" instance you can find.  That url should download the CSV file for you.

If you're familiar with the API, you can do something similar with the SIS API.

I hope this helps a bit!


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