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Canvas Biology course isn't loaded on Dashboard

I have the latest version of Google Chrome, my PC meets the minimum requirements, and all my other courses are on my Dashboard. I chose the minimum amount of electives required when enrolling (i.e. three), and the first fee has already been paid for. Teneo wouldn't have accepted my application if I hadn't chosen enough electives. Let alone the fact that I wouldn't even have gotten that far, as the website would have alerted me of this and I would have rectified the issue.

My Dashboard works fine and all my courses are there... Except Biology. It's nowhere to be found among my other courses. And it isn't "not loading", it isn't there at all in the first place. I'm beginning to wonder whether I hallucinated Biology into existence, or whether Teneo doesn't offer Biology (but then why would they allow you to apply for it?) or whether I'm remembering the application process incorrectly. I can't even go back to my application and check for myself what I did or didn't apply for. 

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