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My canvas dashboard is loading and will not show up. My internet is working fine and I checked my instructure status however it is fine. Can someone help?

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Good morning, @AliciaGreen1 ...

Thank you for sharing the video that shows what is happening on your Canvas Dashboard.  I've seen similar topics here in the Community asking about the same thing, so I thought I'd share those with you:

So it looks like in these posts that it may have to do with your browser.  Please check to make sure that your browser (Chrome or Firefox is best) is up-to-date.  And, if you only have either Chrome or Firefox installed, consider installing the other browser to see if that makes any difference. the way...these are the requirements for Canvas: What are the browser and computer requirements for Instructure products?

Keep us posted on if any of the above works for you...thanks!

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In addition to the information @Chris_Hofer provided, (I did not read the posts that he linked to), if you have a script blocker/popup blocker/ enabled on your browser, that is a possible cause of the issue as well.

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