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Canvas New Quizzes Reports are incomplete and lack some of the data that I feel should be there. When a fill in the blank question is used, the report does not show the answer frequency summary. Maybe this is a limitation when a fill in the blank questions uses "open entry", but when a drop down or word bank is selected, why is there not an answer frequency summary? 



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Hello @troy-carroll 

I see that you are seeing some issue with Fill in the blank type questions on new quizzes with how they are being reported. 

It does seem like it might have something to do with the "open Entry" configuration on the fill in the blank question types. 

I noticed that the guides for Reports and Fill In the Blank do not list much information about this. It might be best to submit a ticket to support and see if they can clarify how the reporting would work with Fill In The Blank type questions for New Quizzes since the guides do not really clarify this. 

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