Canvas Question Banks -- LaTeX Rendering Issue

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   I am an Instructional Design Assistant trying to create a question bank for a class final and am running into some issues with creating answers. The question editor itself is fine accepting LaTeX. The problem (ironically) has no issue displaying the LaTeX. The answers do.

   For example, I am creating a question that looks like this:

Let \(f(x)= \sqrt{5x}+6\). Find\(f^{-1}(x)\).

\( [1] = \dfrac{ [2] }{ [3] } \)


   The students are supposed to select the correct expression for [1], [2], and [3] respectively from a drop down menu, but the drop down menu does not render the LaTeX into mathematical expressions: it just stays its plain old self, which is confusing at best from a student's perspective.

   Is there any way to have LaTeX render in the answer box, or does anyone have a workaround to this issue?